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If you’re planning a destination wedding or event, we know it can be difficult to arrange everything and transport it to the venue. However, when it comes to catering, you can relax and trust My Caterer – the Best Destination Event Caterer In Indore. Regardless of whether you’ve chosen a beautiful destination and stunning decorations, delicious food is always a top priority for the perfect event.

In the midst of a flamboyant celebration, we know you require a perfect combination of delectable taste and impeccable service. Therefore, when selecting the Best Destination Event Catering Services in Indore, ensure that the menu is suitable for your guests and includes an amalgamation of Indian cuisine.

My Caterer offers the best Food Catering Services in Indore. We understand your event inside out and take into consideration the location, weather, and temperature of the place when suggesting the ideal menu for your event. We also customize the dishes according to your demands. Whether we cook inside or outside, we always maintain cleanliness and aim to serve healthy, nutritious food to all. The taste of our starters, main courses, mocktails, and desserts will never disappoint.

We are always ready to fulfill your requirements. In addition to mouth-watering dishes, we ensure that the presentation of the food is impressive. As the Best Destination Event Caterer in Indore, we understand how important your event is to you and strive to make it successful. So contact My Caterer for your destination events and weddings.

Catering Planner

Enjoy hygienic food with taste

Our catering planner is the first point of contact. You can furnish the details like type of event, the number of guests and Venue, and our planner will help you choose the catering option with recommendations on food, and service that is best for your event.

Our catering planner has tremendous knowledge and experience in  understanding customer requirements, therefore expect to have meticulous planning & execution for a successful event.