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We discern that finding the Best Private Event Caterers in Indore is an arduous process. We know that in private events, your close ones are part of that. Private events need a more personalized approach than others. At a private party, you are around your loved ones, and we know that you would really like to be with them and enjoy the party without any severity. So if you hire My Caterer for your private party, you can have fun.

As We are among the Best Private Event Catering Services In Indore, we deliver an enduring experience with our prodigious taste, exquisite presentation, and unbeatable services. Whether you are planning your private party outside or in some indoor place, or you are planning a small party or large gathering, We are here to make all your moments memorable with succulent food, and we want to make you experience an exclusive culinary experience.

Either it’s a small meet-up or a big event. We know that making arrangements for everything is stressful, and when it’s about a private party, this is a bit overwhelming for you. We provide the best Food Catering Services In Indore, so there is no need to get maddened. From the fresh and locally available ingredients to tidy serving and hospitality, we are masters of that all. As experienced food caterers, we know what problems you have to face while organizing any event.

Whether you are planning a baby shower, anniversary, or birthday party, we have specially designed menus. We are always open to making changes to the menu as per your requirement. We also create a taste of the food as per your preference. Either you want a spice punch in a portion of food, or you need more tanginess, or you prefer a sweet or less spicy one. Our professionals have magic in their hands, and they can make a feast as per your taste bud. So what are you waiting for? Book the Best Private Event Catering Services in Indore and have fun.

Catering Planner

Enjoy hygienic food with taste

Our catering planner is the first point of contact. You can furnish the details like type of event, the number of guests and Venue, and our planner will help you choose the catering option with recommendations on food, and service that is best for your event.

Our catering planner has tremendous knowledge and experience in  understanding customer requirements, therefore expect to have meticulous planning & execution for a successful event.